BChat is Now Listed on Dappradar.com

BChat is Listed on DappRadar, a Decentralized App Store

What is DappRadar?

DappRadar describes itself as the world’s dApp store. A dApp store is an dApp distribution service or a dApp marketplace where you can search for and download decentralized applications like the BChat private messenger.

DappRadar hosts a range of decentralized applications from wallets to DeFi platforms. It is one of the largest dApp marketplaces with nearly 13,000 dApps and supports 42 protocols.

Users can download BChat for Android devices directly from DappRadar.

BChat for desktop clients will be listed on the platform shortly.


Why Do We Need Decentralized Marketplaces?

Decentralized app marketplaces not only serve as alternatives to mainstream centralized app distribution services, but they’re also specific to Web3 and provide a higher degree of trust and privacy.

You don’t need to register an account on a dApp store to download a dApp. All you need to do is waltz in and click that download button.

Another key reason to use a dApp store is censorship-resistance. While centralized players try to offer their services worldwide, there are certain exceptions that prevent them from doing so. It could be their terms of policies or the laws of a region.

In such cases, an app store quite doesn’t fit the cut. That’s where dApp stores come in. Most if not all dApp stores connect to a decentralized network where information about the app is hosted. The application thus hosted will have a high security and censorship-resistance.

BChat, BelNet, and all other ecosystem dApps will be hosted on multiple dApp store platforms so that you can access them freely from anywhere, anytime.


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