Beldex: What’s Next?

       Awareness and adoption of digital currencies are increasing by the day. Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies has risen tremendously this year as several publicly traded companies, institutions, MSMEs, and even startups have accepted and acknowledged the potential of crypto.

Regardless of what crypto dissidents might say, it is clear as day that cryptocurrencies hold the key to overcoming inflation. For example, scores of Venezuelans keep hodling crypto as currency devaluation and subsequent inflation follow several months of civil unrest and political turmoil. Ecuador has legalized Bitcoin while Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that Bitcoin will be a major part of the social network in the future. His payment’s company, Square, has heavily invested in Bitcoin. Similar cases could be seen across the world. One of the largest publicly traded companies, Amazon, is reportedly hiring digital currency and blockchain experts. 

All this still accounts only for measly adoption by the public and institutions. Yet, 1 Bitcoin trades for $38,926.25 USD, according to data shown by CoinMarketCap. A single Ethereum trades for $2,375.15 USD, while the Beldex privacy coin trades for $0.09671 USD at the time of writing. This is the result of adoption by 29 publicly traded and 3 private institutions. Close to 6000 companies are traded on NYSE and Nasdaq alone. 

A lot of crypto enthusiasts and new entrants to the crypto market feel that they’ve missed out on buying Bitcoin. But it’s not too late. While the common man still has the opportunity to buy Sats of Bitcoin, they can also buy high-potential, low Satoshi altcoins. Though, it may not be as easy as it sounds. The 2017 ICO boom and the 2020 DeFi boom have resulted in the hyper-saturation of the altcoin market. With more than 11000 altcoins currently being listed on CoinMarketCap, the market overflows with crypto coins and tokens. 

New entrants to crypto are told to DYOR, and there’s a challenge ahead of them. What should one consider before buying a coin? How to identify the right project and the right high-potential, low-satoshi, utility-based altcoin – one that serves a real-world purpose and has the necessary developmental framework to drive large scale adoption? Though there are a lot of factors to consider, Beldex believes privacy to be the most important factor that will drive large scale adoption in the future. 

What is the Future of Beldex?

Privacy of transactions. Private ecosystem. True financial freedom. 

Future of Beldex is an ecosystem with which you can carry on with your everyday activities privately. When we say that, we mean it. You can send a text to your friend and not have a third party snoop-in on your conversation. You can search for something online without ads following you around. You will have the liberty to remain truly anonymous. Beldex anonymizes transactions through cryptographic protocols that conceal the transactors’ information. 

Nobody ever has to know what you spend your money on – good riddance to those phone calls, and ads that keep tracking you on the internet. Anonymizing transactions also go a long way in giving back control to the people and letting them make surveillance-free financial decisions. 

Now, you could transact peer-to-peer with just about any crypto, however, with non-privacy coins, it doesn’t necessarily mean your transactions are 100% private. Metadata accompanying your transactions usually leaks information such as time-stamps for blockchain analysis firms to track your spendings. 

How Beldex Plans to Maximize Adoption? 

  • In order to maximize adoption, Beldex plans to increase the utility of the BDX coin. For example, in the future BDX will be utilized for subsidized fees on the Beldex private ecosystem – messenger, browser, dVPN, etc. 
  • The major deterrent to any crypto adoption today is scalability. The Beldex POS implementation seeks to solve this by 2021.
  • BDX will be listed on many centralized and decentralized exchanges in Q3 & Q4 2021.

Privacy and privacy -preserving applications are of essence in today’s digital age. We value your privacy. It’s time you do too.

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