Beldex Tokenomics Update

Beldex Tokenomics Update

Dear Beldians,

It’s time for an update on tokenomics and the coins released during the first three quarters of 2022. This is in fact overdue and we would like our community to be updated on the current status of BDX allocated for ecosystem development and other purposes.

The total supply (excluding the coins that are minted as rewards for validators since POS went live on Dec 10, 2021) is classified into eight different categories and allotted to various multisig wallets. Each of these allocations has a purpose such as ecosystem development, marketing, seed and VC allocation, legal operations, early adopter rewards, team allocation, and exchange liquidity.

BDX allocated for various purposes (as of Dec 10, 2021)


For every quarter, coins are released according to their vesting schedule and utilized for various purposes respectively. In the past three quarters, Beldex has undergone many new developments, dApp releases, exchange listings, etc. For each of these developments, an allocation of BDX that was released was spent. Below is the detailed explanation of how Beldex makes use of the allocated funds and its percentage with respect to the total supply.

The total supply is 9.9 Billion BDX


Ecosystem Development Funds 

The ecosystem development fund has a linear and scheduled release at the end of every quarter for three years from 2022.

Q1 2022

130680000 BDX were released in the first quarter for BChat’s development on March 31, 2022 (First Quarter)

Transaction Hash: 


Q2 2022

130680000 BDX were released in the second quarter for BelNet’s development on June 30, 2022 (Second Quarter)

Transaction Hash: 


Q3 2022

130680000 BDX were released in the third quarter for further development of BChat, BelNet, and other products on the Beldex Ecosystem on September 30, 2022 (Third Quarter)

Transaction Hash: 


Thus, a total of 392040000 BDX (3.9% of the total supply) were released from ecosystem development funds in the first three quarters of 2022.

The funds released are used for development and operations as well as hiring new developers, researchers, advisors and further expansion of the team.

BDX currently locked in Ecosystem Development wallet: 3960000000 BDX (36.1% of the total supply)


Seed & VC Funds

Seed & VC funds weren’t used and are available for sale to venture capitalists and investors.

10% of the total supply or 990000000 BDX are allocated for seed & VC sale.


Marketing Funds

297000000 BDX or 3% of the supply was released from the marketing allocation for advertising and marketing activities.

Transaction Hash: 


BDX currently locked in Marketing wallet: 693000000 BDX (7% of the total supply)


Team Allocation

The team’s allocation has a 2 year lock since POS went live on Dec 10, 2021. Thus, the entire allocation is currently locked.

The funds will be unlocked on Dec 10, 2023 with a 18 month linear vesting.

BDX currently locked in Team wallet: 594000000 BDX (6% of the total supply)


Exchange Liquidity & Early Adopters

2% of the total supply or 198000000 BDX were released for the purpose of providing liquidity to exchanges.

Transaction Hash:


1% of the total supply or 99000000 BDX were released for the purpose of providing rewards and airdrops to early adopters and the community.

Transaction Hash:



Legal Operations

49500000 BDX or 0.5% of the total supply were released from the legal’s allocation for activities such as legal incorporation of Beldex Research Labs, BChat and BelNet as separate entities, renewal of registration for the Beldex Foundation, obtaining legal opinions for purposes of exchange listings and other activities.

Transaction Hash:


BDX currently locked in Legal wallet: 49500000 BDX (0.5% of the total supply)


Thus, the current BDX allocation (as of Oct 1, 2022) is represented as follows,


Category BDX
Circulation (40.4%) 4,005,540,000
Ecosystem Development (36.1%) 3,567,960,000
Seed and V.C. Development (10%) 990,000,000
Marketing (7%) 693,000,000
Team (6%) 594,000,000
Legal (0.5%) 49,500,000
Total 9,900,000,000 BDX

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Beldex (BDX) P2PB2B Listing Announcement

Beldex (BDX) is now listed on the P2PB2B exchange. 

The listing is live and BDX is now tradable on 2 trading pairs namely the BDX/USDT and BDX/BTC pairs.

P2PB2B is an exchange which has been on the crypto market for over 5 years and has successfully launched several projects on its launchpad.

Deposits are live from 09:00 UTC on the 7th of October, 2022.

Trade on both pairs is live from 09:00 UTC on the 7th of October, 2022.

Start trading now ⏬👇




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BelNet: Gateway to Global Access

You’ve probably heard of VPNs and how they help you anonymously surf the internet and unblock websites that are restricted to certain geographic locations. 

But what’s a dVPN and how does it help you stay truly anonymous? Does it reduce data costs or increase the speed of your connection?

Well, not quite. But it’s cool. So hear us out.

Before we dive into how a decentralized VPN works, its associated routing mechanisms, unstoppable domains and web applications, let’s talk about the clearnet. 

The internet you’re using right now to read this article is called the clearnet. It is the publicly accessible internet that lets you browse web applications such as or even our very own


Clearnet: the elephant in the room that nobody talks about

There’s a catch to using the clearnet. Wherever you go on the internet, you leave a trail. It is similar to a residue or dust on your shoes that can be used to track where you came from and what you did. There are several trackers and cookies on the websites that you visit. These trackers follow you around and hamper your browsing experience. They collect your IP address and information about your location, identity, gender, language among others. The metadata so collected is used to create your digital profile (about your likes and preferences) which inturn is used to target you with personalized ads. 


VPNs to the rescue, right? 

VPNs help you prevent these trackers from identifying your IP address and identity. But most VPN providers are themselves centralized entities and need to be trusted to keep your information safe from prying eyes. Regulations also play a major role in the extent of privacy offered by VPN companies and service providers. A regulator, an entity with vested interest and the means to access the VPN’s servers, or the service provider themselves possess the ability to access your data. 

If VPNs can still be used to track you, then is there a solution to true privacy on the internet? The short answer is yes. 

Here’s the long one. The solution is to use a trustless, autonomous, censorship-free application that is self-regulated and does not require an external entity to operate its services. Such an application would use an onion routing protocol over a decentralized network to encrypt and mask your IP address without the need for a third party to do it. They are P2P VPNs


Onion Routing: Layer by Layer Privacy

Onion routing, like the layers of an onion, routes a message or a traffic over many layers of encryption using a network of computers (called nodes in case of a blockchain). 

In traditional encryption methods, your messages are protected but can still be intercepted. 

Onion routing offers a greater level of security and privacy when compared to traditional encryption and routing protocols as it obfuscates your identity while ensuring that none of the information that you requested to access (your connection) or accessed (browsing history) is intercepted or disrupted by anyone who wants to tap into your connection. 

Some of the prominent networks that implement onion routing are the Tor protocol and the I2P protocol. However, as Tor maintains Directory Authorities, it is not as decentralized while I2P has its own set of issues and is not completely anonymous when accessing the clearnet. 

Onion routing with a decentralized VPN anonymizes your IP & browsing history not only to ISPs and third parties, it also cannot be compromised, intercepted, or disrupted by the network’s node operators. 


What is BelNet? 

BelNet is a decentralized VPN built on the Beldex blockchain. It is akin to a P2P VPN network as every person who hosts a relay or exit node adds to the anonymity of the P2P network. 

Anonymous browsing

BelNet is an open source network that masks the IP addresses of the user with the help of relay and exit nodes. Users can surf both the clearnet and applications hosted on BelNet (MNApps) with the help of these nodes. 

No username or password required

BelNet does not store user data and can be easily accessed by anyone. BelNet will be available as a cross-platform mobile and desktop application. Since it is a DApp built on the Beldex network, you can access it without the need for a username, email address, or a password. 

When you connect to BelNet, your connection (IP address) is encrypted at each hop (from one node to another node) until it reaches the exit node. Every request (from the user) is routed through at least three nodes before it exits from the exit node. The destination will only see the exit node’s IP. This protects you from exposing your location or other personal details. 

Enabling BelNet on your device lets you surf the internet anonymously from anywhere in the world. It provides you with true global access to all the websites. 

The BelNet P2P VPN can be used to unblock websites that are otherwise restricted to certain geolocations. 

Who can use BelNet? 

Everyone. The BelNet dVPN was created to provide equal access irrespective of a person’s race, class, creed, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. BelNet is for digital rights and human rights everywhere and, to everyone. 

BelNet will especially be of use to vulnerable and marginalized communities, civil rights activists, ethnic minorities, refugees, journalists and reporters who are in need of digital privacy and confidentiality. 


Beldex Name Service (BNS) & MNApps

Whatever business you may own, the first thing your customers would ask you is, “Do you have a website?” Today, every business has a website as it plays a major role in the business’s success. 

Purchasing a domain is the first step when starting a website. Web2 domains have the TLD .com, .org, .co, .io and so on and so forth. 

Such domains are sold by a domain registrar and so they hold a monopoly over them. They could choose to block or restrict access to your domain if they wanted to, severely affecting your business. Once a domain is blocked, it can only be recovered at the sole discretion of the domain registrar. Oftentimes, it might be unrecoverable. 

Should domain name registrars be the proprietary holders of domain names? Do you think domains should be free from centralized control? 

We do too and that’s why we’ve come up with unstoppable domain names on BelNet called Beldex Name Service (BNS). These domains end with the TLD .bdx. For example, 




We call them unstoppable domains because they’re truly unstoppable. They provide you with censorship-free private internet access

Example.bdx domains can be purchased via the Beldex Name Service using BDX. The apps hosted using .bdx domains on BelNet are called MNApps (since they’re supported by the Masternodes on the Beldex network). 

They are hosted on a regular server but masked by BelNet. And so it is virtually impossible to locate the server. Both the service provider and the users who access the domain via BelNet are anonymized. This enables businesses and organizations to protect their websites from hacks, attacks, censorship and bans from registrars. 

Web apps or MNApps on BelNet have the added advantage of being ad-free. It emphasizes the value of the hosted content and maximizes user engagement. 

Some advantages of using MNApps,

  • Ad-free service
  • No user data is tracked
  • No logs are saved
  • Private and censorship-free apps
  • Masternodes act as the routers
  • Secured by the Beldex network 

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Geometry Labs & Beldex Research Labs Announce Strategic Partnership to Scale the Beldex Network

Beldex is excited to announce a strategic partnership between Beldex Research Labs and Geometry Labs to scale and enhance the Beldex network.

Beldex Research Labs, the research wing of the Beldex project was established to implement core protocol enhancements nd add EVM compatibility to the network. This will in turn enable the development of privacy-preserving and shielded smart contracts.

The scalability trilemma: Networks today sacrifice scalability for security and decentralization or introduce vertical scaling, which leads to centralization, since the common man cannot afford to run a high-spec node. Thus, the three main constituents that Beldex wants to address while scaling the network are reducing the storage requirements, reducing the overall size of the blockchain by the use of enhanced cryptographic proof systems and improving the synchronization time of Beldex masternodes while maintaining decentralization through horizontal scaling.

Thus, the strategic partnership with Geometry labs is aimed at collaborating on joint research on scaling techniques and cryptographic protocol enhancements.

Geometry labs was established in 2021 as a decentralized finance and cryptography research and development lab. They specialize in DeFi products and tooling, blockchain infrastructure, analytics and observatories, and development of novel cryptographic mechanisms.

Beldex Research Labs will be advised by Dr. Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer, President and Chief Scientist at Geometry Labs. His personal research is focused on the intersection of data science and privacy engineering. He was previously a Monero Research Lab contributor.

“We’re excited to introduce cutting-edge privacy and scaling solutions by collaborating with the brightest minds in crypto and to extend the network to an EVM compatible chain“ Chairman of Beldex International, Afanddy Bin Hushni said.


Объявление о листинге Beldex Gate и раздаче стартапов

Мы достигли важного перекрестка на нашем пути. Это то, чего вы ждали с тех пор, как мы начали это путешествие. Но это делает ожидание тем более стоящим.

Давняя мечта сообщества Beldex вскоре осуществится:Биржевой листинг уровня 1. Да, BDX будет зарегистрирован на 18 августа 2022 года. По данным CoinMarketCap, входит в десятку лучших бирж по объему торгов.

Биржа предлагает нашим пользователям лучшую ликвидность для торговли BDX. Это безопасная биржа с безупречным послужным списком защиты средств пользователей.На момент публикации этого объявления Gate занимала 6-е место в CMC и иногда занимала 2-е место, уступая только Binance. В настоящее время объем торгов Gate составляет почти 1 миллиард долларов доллар США.

Цель листинга на бирже уровня 1 сочетается с нашим желанием предоставить простую в использовании, безопасную и чрезвычайно ликвидную платформу для торговли BDX. Торговая пара BDX/USDT будет запущена 18 августа 2022 года в 02:00 UTC.

В связи с листингом Beldex в партнерстве с объявляет об аирдропе BDX Gate Start Up. Airdrop присуждает BDX всем пользователям Gate, которые соответствуют определенным критериям. Право на участие в аирдропе BDX Start Up зависит от минимального количества средств на вашем счете и вашего VIP-уровня.

Листинг пары BDX/USDT: 18 августа 2022 г., 02:00 UTC

Продолжительность аирдропа Start Up: 16 августа 2022 г., 23:00 UTC — 17 августа 2022 г., 23:00 UTC.

Запуск Airdrop: 2,564,936 BDX

Более подробные правила участия в аирдропе можно найти здесь:


Куда движется Белдекс?

Нашей следующей остановкой будет еще одна биржа уровня 1, и есть несколько способов пройти, прежде чем мы достигнем этой вехи.

Beldex в первую очередь сосредоточится на развитии экосистемы, в основном, на добавлении дополнительных функций в BChat, а также на разработке децентрализованной службы VPN на основе луковой маршрутизации BelNet и протокола конфиденциальности Beldex.

Браузер Beldex в настоящее время находится в стадии изучения, наряду с улучшениями масштабируемости и анонимности в сети Beldex. Для этого Beldex сотрудничает с передовыми исследователями в области криптографии, чтобы улучшить безопасность, масштабируемость и децентрализацию сети.

Подпишитесь на нас, чтобы получать мгновенные обновления о наших разработках

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Announcing Beldex Gate Listing & Start Up Airdrop

We’ve reached an important juncture in our path. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, since we began this journey. But that makes the wait all the more worth it.

The long-standing dream of the Beldex community will be realized shortly: Tier 1 exchange listing. Yes, BDX will be listed on, a top 10 exchange by trading volume on the 18th of August, 2022.

The exchange offers the best liquidity for our users to trade BDX. It is a secure exchange with an impeccable track record of protecting users’ funds. As of publishing this announcement, Gate is ranked 6th in CMC and has sometimes held the No.2 spot, bested only by Binance. Gate currently has a trading volume of almost $1 Billion USD.

The goal to list on a tier 1 exchange is coupled by our desire to provide an easy to use, safe, and extremely liquid platform for trading BDX. The BDX/USDT trading pair will go live on the 18th of August, 2022 at 02:00 AM UTC.

On account of the listing, Beldex, in partnership with announces the BDX Gate Start Up airdrop. The airdrop rewards BDX to all gate users who meet certain criteria. The BDX Start Up airdrop eligibility depends on the minimum holdings in your account and your VIP level.

BDX/USDT Pair Listing: August 18, 2022, 02:00 AM UTC

Duration of the Start Up airdrop: August 16, 2022, 23:00 UTC – August 17, 2022, 23:00 UTC

Start Up Airdrop Supply: 2,564,936 BDX

More detailed participation rules of the airdrop can be found here:

Where to next?

Our next stop would be another Tier 1 exchange and there are a few ways to go before we reach that milestone.

Beldex will be primarily concentrating on ecosystem development, mainly, adding additional features to BChat, and the development of BelNet decentralized onion routing based VPN service and the Beldex privacy protocol.

Beldex browser is currently under research, along with scalability and anonymity set improvements to the Beldex core chain. To accomplish this, Beldex is partnering with pioneering researchers in crypto to improve the security, scalability, and decentralization of the network.

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What are zk-SNARKS?

Beldex is currently using the cryptonote privacy protocol with PoS consensus algorithm to validate transactions. Now, we are planning to upgrade to the next level to increase the transaction speed. This implementation not only increases the transaction speed but also gives more privacy to the transaction. Here we can see what Beldex is going to do. 



ZK-Rollups is a concept used in blockchain to make a transaction fast and a privacy layer to it. It is usually built on layer 2 on the blockchain to increase scalability of the network. Generally, ZK-rollups make use of zk-SNARKs to verify transactions and relay this to the layer 1 blockchain by combining hundreds of transactions as a single transaction. Thus, the transaction time and network fees will be reduced. PoS along with ZK-rollups will increase the privacy and security level in transactions. They can make transactions in a flash of a second with a very low fee. Let us see about zk-SNARKs in detail.


zk-SNARKs- simplified:

zk-SNARKs is abbreviated as Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. In simple terms it can be explained as Succinct uses to verify the proof concept in a short and easy way with the help of Non-Interactive method devoid of communication between the prover and the validator. One can prove using this Argument without any Knowledge of the underlying context. 

Let us discuss with an example to understand in detail about it. There are many doors in the room. Each door will lead to different places at any given time. Now John wants to prove to Harry that one door will lead to New York. John knows the door that leads to NY at this instance, so he can open the door to NY and prove it to Harry without telling him where the doors adjacent to it leads to. Now both the parties will know that New York is at the other end of the door John opened. 

If Harry gets a chance to open the door to New York again, it would lead to another place since the doors can lead to any given place. Here the existence of New York has been proved to Harry but he doesn’t know the context on how or where to find New York again.


Why Beldex is Researching zk-SNARKs:

Currently, Beldex uses the cryptonote privacy protocol for adding a privacy layer to transactions. Beldex is researching zk-SNARKs to increase the transaction speed and the transaction anonymity set. zk-SNARKs provide infinite anonymity sets which exponentially compliments speed and privacy. Simultaneously, the fees are reduced in the network because users need not wait in a queue to complete the transaction. The prover can show the hash to the verifier and tell that  transaction has been sent. The verifier encodes it and finds the hash. The transaction amount, sender and receiver address will not be known to the verifier. Hence, it is proved without any real knowledge of the transaction. Beldex is researching zk-SNARKs to make your transactions truly private and scalable for BVM. 

Beldex, the Future of Privacy. 

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BChat: A Smart Choice

Last week, we discussed issues on centralized messaging platforms and why we need BChat. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the BChat Private messaging app and its benefits. It helps to recognize how BChat differs from a centralized messenger and why you should use it. Privacy is a basic concern in everyone’s life, so to secure it with utmost privacy, Beldex BChat is here.

Before moving to the blog, one should know how BChat works.


How does it work?

BChat is a decentralized private messaging application. To resolve the issues faced on centralized platforms, BChat decentralizes storage and traversal of packets that carry the message data. It does this with the help of Masternodes in the network. Nodes act as the intermediary to pass information from one to another. The messages will be end-to-end encrypted and no one else can see or alter your messages. End-to-end encryption may seem trivial in a centralized set up, but in decentralized messaging apps, it offers you the utmost privacy since there’s no central point of attack or encryption backdoors. Your information will remain private on the server. At the same time, like in centralized messaging applications, we need not store personal data like phone number, email id, name, etc., to open an account. 

Users can create an account anonymously without providing personal data. The alpha-numeric code is used as a unique identity for users, which only they can use and it is not stored anywhere. You and your friend can connect with each other through the alpha-numeric code instead of phone number or email id. In BChat Dapp messenger, masternodes will act as the storage server to store messages, even the stored information will be in encrypted form to protect users’ privacy, and each information is split into millions of unintelligible data and then only it will be stored. So BChat is known as the best messaging app for privacy. 


Why should you go with BChat?

  • Decentralized application: BChat is a decentralized application that works on the Beldex blockchain. It acts as a peer-to-peer private messenger where messages will be end-to-end encrypted.
  • Privacy in messaging: One can chat with another in a secure and private way. The messages will be end-to-end encrypted. Only the sender and receiver will get the decrypted information.
  •  Doesn’t collect or share Metadata: BChat privacy messenger doesn’t ask your phone number or email id to sign-up for the account. It is created anonymously. Alpha-numeric code is used as the user identity and seed phrase is used for account recovery. Other than your information, no location, time, or IP address is shared with the receiver or others. 
  • Censorship resistant: BChat private messenger is completely censorship-resistant. No techies, hackers, or authorized people can get your data. In the blockchain, collecting users’ data is impossible.
  • No downtime: In decentralized private messenger, there will be no downtime like centralized applications WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., it will work without any time lags. The blockchain won’t get any interruption at any cost.
  •  Fast and scalable: In BChat private messenger, the information will pass within a fraction of seconds. It is fast and scalable to use. 


How Secure is BChat? 

In Beldex privacy messenger, if someone wants to collect data of the user, they need to set up the masternode on the Beldex blockchain. If they try to do any malicious activities like tracking or collecting users’ data by their masternode, the network will shut off or suspend the masternode. Even the staking coins will be seized and cannot be retrieved from the network. They can’t get any information about users’ data that is why you should be using BChat’s most secure messaging app.

BChat gives the best encrypted messaging app to secure your identity and protect your data from others. 

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How does the digital era impact people’s lives?

     Here we are going to talk about centralized vs decentralized privacy messenger. Technology has been growing in an unimaginable way. No one has ever imagined the growth of the digital world will reflect on our daily life as a part. Only a few people started to use it for official usage in the past. Later on, day-by-day many get involved in it actively in the technological era and during this pandemic situation, the usage of social media has been reached to the next level of growth. Most of the people started to use social media platforms for business development, education, awareness creation, and even for entertainment purposes too. Of these, messaging/chatting applications have the biggest contribution in people’s life. 

We all were well-versed with the messaging applications like WhatsApp, messenger, WeChat, etc., probably we are spending quality time with these centralized applications. Without these messaging applications our lives would be boring. It becomes part of our life too. But there is a thing, do you feel privacy in centralized messenger……


Scary things need to know about the Centralized platform:

Does centralized messenger provides privacy? Are we using the safest messaging applications? Do you know, your messages will be stored on data servers on centralized applications? What happens, if anyone sells your data to others or goes through the texts? And another thing, have you ever seen a thing; if you are discussing purchasing shoes with your friends in a group or private chat, the very next day you can find the ads related to your conversation on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., How do they know about it? How does it happen without your knowledge? Are you okay with these issues? These are a few hints about disadvantages of centralized messenger.

There is someone who is following you all around like a shadow. It sounds a little scary to know right!!! What is the solution to resolve these issues? First, you should know why these issues are happening. It is all due to apps that are being integrated on the centralized platform. Techies, hackers, and authorized persons can get your information through the stored data or even the company can sell it to others. 

From here, you start to lose your privacy through centralized applications. Is this what you want? Of course, No.. Then, what is your exact need? You need a decentralized privacy messenger, that is our Beldex BChat. It will not only solve your privacy issues and you can feel secure with confidentiality. This is what we do for all people. Beldex private messenger paves the way for your privacy. 


Beldex BChat is here: 

BChat privacy messenger concerns about your privacy a lot. So we are developing a secure decentralized privacy messenger application. There you can feel free to chat with others and no one can track or follow you as shadow. It works on the decentralized platform. In a decentralized private messenger, everything will be encrypted and passed through the nodes. Different nodes will participate here to pass your information from one to another. No techies, hackers, or authorized persons can find your data because each information will be stored on masternodes.

Beldex masternodes will serve as a storage server for BChat privacy messenger. Masternodes will be operated by different users and no one can find where your messages have been stored. At the same time, information will be splitted into many pieces of data and stored in various masternodes at different regions. Even the splitted information will be stored in encrypted form. So, no one can go through it at any cost. Advantages of using decentralized privacy messenger are quite higher than centralized messenger. 

Highlights of BChat:

Advantages of decentralization messenger over centralization. Users need not enter their name, phone number, or email id to create an account. People can contact each other through the alpha-numeric code, which is generated during the account signup. To recover the account, seed phrase will be used instead of phone number or email id. Even, no metadata information will be shared to other end receivers, they can get the messages alone. Other than the receiver, no one can see or alter your information. These are the benefits of decentralized messenger. That’s how Beldex BChat differs from centralized applications and we say it is the best privacy messenger

BChat private messenger, a safe place for those who love messaging with privacy. To know more about BChat benefits stay tuned for our next blog…

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TL;DR Beldex

Being on the internet can be a dangerous business if not used vigilantly. The digital space is only growing bigger and bigger and so are its positive and negative aspects. The pros are great whereas the cons are highly malicious/malignant and can stand as problematic, especially when it comes to privacy-related aspects in making an online transaction, messaging or something as common as surfing the internet making it a risky affair.

We at Beldex are bringing forward to you a safety net of sorts in disguise of services through Blockchain technology. We help in making your time on the internet private and secure.

Part 1: Blockchain

Beldex is known for its privacy features and anonymous nature. Our privacy crypto coin works with Masternodes. Masternodes are complete nodes that contain the whole blockchain copy. Beldex masternodes are essentially validators who are compensated for their efforts and are rewarded accordingly.

Anyone can stake their Beldex to earn more of it!

Part 2: Our Apps

We are packed with decentralized applications which constitute our privacy ecosystem, thanks to our blockchain technology. Our list of astounding DApps include:

BChat is a decentralized private communication service. Your communications will be limited to the sender and the receiver.

BelNet is a VPN service that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. You may search for anything, anywhere, without worrying about your IP or location being monitored.

Beldex Browser is a browser that prioritizes privacy. It does not monitor or disclose your online activities and also aids in the removal of advertising.

Privacy Protocol for Beldex: It is a key component of the ecosystem, allowing transactions with other blockchains to stay secret.

Beldex Decentralized Wallets: A multi-platform decentralised wallet that works on the web, Android phones (iOS is coming soon), and Windows computers. 

Beldex Bridge is a cross-chain bridge that connects other bridges to swap currencies, allowing us to use our coin on a different blockchain. 

The main purpose of the Wallet Extension is to make it easier to use the Beldex wallet on decentralised sites.

Part 3: Our Users

Beldex users are ordinary individuals who are also the ones who drive us to reach our potential. All of us seek privacy. Privacy is extremely valuable, especially in this digital era that we all are living in. People are clamoring for it, and at times are ready to make sacrifices to get it. You wouldn’t have to make such sacrifices when joining with Beldex. Users will be able to use the applications without understanding anything about blockchain technology. 

Send a message. Surf the Internet anywhere and anytime. Make crypto transactions. Truly Privately.

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