How does the digital era impact people’s lives?

     Here we are going to talk about centralized vs decentralized privacy messenger. Technology has been growing in an unimaginable way. No one has ever imagined the growth of the digital world will reflect on our daily life as a part. Only a few people started to use it for official usage in the past. Later on, day-by-day many get involved in it actively in the technological era and during this pandemic situation, the usage of social media has been reached to the next level of growth. Most of the people started to use social media platforms for business development, education, awareness creation, and even for entertainment purposes too. Of these, messaging/chatting applications have the biggest contribution in people’s life. 

We all were well-versed with the messaging applications like WhatsApp, messenger, WeChat, etc., probably we are spending quality time with these centralized applications. Without these messaging applications our lives would be boring. It becomes part of our life too. But there is a thing, do you feel privacy in centralized messenger……


Scary things need to know about the Centralized platform:

Does centralized messenger provides privacy? Are we using the safest messaging applications? Do you know, your messages will be stored on data servers on centralized applications? What happens, if anyone sells your data to others or goes through the texts? And another thing, have you ever seen a thing; if you are discussing purchasing shoes with your friends in a group or private chat, the very next day you can find the ads related to your conversation on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., How do they know about it? How does it happen without your knowledge? Are you okay with these issues? These are a few hints about disadvantages of centralized messenger.

There is someone who is following you all around like a shadow. It sounds a little scary to know right!!! What is the solution to resolve these issues? First, you should know why these issues are happening. It is all due to apps that are being integrated on the centralized platform. Techies, hackers, and authorized persons can get your information through the stored data or even the company can sell it to others. 

From here, you start to lose your privacy through centralized applications. Is this what you want? Of course, No.. Then, what is your exact need? You need a decentralized privacy messenger, that is our Beldex BChat. It will not only solve your privacy issues and you can feel secure with confidentiality. This is what we do for all people. Beldex private messenger paves the way for your privacy. 


Beldex BChat is here: 

BChat privacy messenger concerns about your privacy a lot. So we are developing a secure decentralized privacy messenger application. There you can feel free to chat with others and no one can track or follow you as shadow. It works on the decentralized platform. In a decentralized private messenger, everything will be encrypted and passed through the nodes. Different nodes will participate here to pass your information from one to another. No techies, hackers, or authorized persons can find your data because each information will be stored on masternodes.

Beldex masternodes will serve as a storage server for BChat privacy messenger. Masternodes will be operated by different users and no one can find where your messages have been stored. At the same time, information will be splitted into many pieces of data and stored in various masternodes at different regions. Even the splitted information will be stored in encrypted form. So, no one can go through it at any cost. Advantages of using decentralized privacy messenger are quite higher than centralized messenger. 

Highlights of BChat:

Advantages of decentralization messenger over centralization. Users need not enter their name, phone number, or email id to create an account. People can contact each other through the alpha-numeric code, which is generated during the account signup. To recover the account, seed phrase will be used instead of phone number or email id. Even, no metadata information will be shared to other end receivers, they can get the messages alone. Other than the receiver, no one can see or alter your information. These are the benefits of decentralized messenger. That’s how Beldex BChat differs from centralized applications and we say it is the best privacy messenger

BChat private messenger, a safe place for those who love messaging with privacy. To know more about BChat benefits stay tuned for our next blog…

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Masternode Pools and their Benefits

Operating a masternode is an excellent and easy way to generate passive revenue from cryptocurrencies. It can be done through staking a particular cryptocurrency, only then will one be able to get the said incentive.


What are Masternodes?

Full nodes that store the entire copy of the blockchain are known as masternodes. The more masternodes there are in the network, the more secure it is. So, what makes a masternode different from a full node? Masternodes are distinct from full nodes in that they allow validators to stake their coins. Validators can generate passive money by staking their coins on masternodes. Furthermore, depending on their architecture, several Blockchain networks grant Masternodes vote, governance, and regulatory rights.


What are Masternode pools?

The staking requirement is a very minor expenditure for some blockchain businesses. However, for others, it can be significant, and this can be a deterrent for those considering staking a masternode.Masternode pools lessen this barrier by allowing numerous people to pool their resources, making it easier to run a masternode.

Masternode pools enable you to pool cash with other individuals or organizations in order to achieve the staking criteria for a masternode. When the masternode gets a payout, it is divided among the pool participants in a proportion according to each member’s investment.


Beldex Masternode:

Masternodes can participate in networks that use both Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) consensus. The POW + MN design is presently used by the Beldex Masternode. The masternodes will be changed to a POS + MN design as the Beldex network transforms to a complete POS network which will function very soon.

Beldex masternodes are essentially validators who are compensated and given the reward for their efforts. They may now validate blocks but cannot contribute blocks to the network until the expected POS Bucephalus Hard Fork comes into action which will be approximately at block height 742421 on the 10th of December, 2021, 06:00 PM UTC. 


To stake on a Beldex Maternode, the following requirements must be met:

Step 1:

The appropriate quantity of a minimum 10,000 BDX with you. This will be used as collateral.

Step 2:

Have the necessary hardware to set up the masternode — the entire software and hardware requirements may be found here (https://docs.beldex.io/master-nodes/guides/master-node-full-guide)

Step 3:

Proceed with the instructions outlined below-

Download a complete copy of the blockchain.

Start the Beldex Daemon.

Get the MN key.

Create a Beldex wallet and add your Masternode to it.


Requirements to set up a Masternode pool:

  • Create an account on the staking platform.
  • Stake the required amount of BDX in the BDX staking pool.

The benefits of using masternode pools are many. The most important advantage of pooling is financial accessibility. When pooling, you can still collect rewards from a masternode (a little less comparatively) without having to fulfill the full staking requirement. The security aspect includes misappropriation of coins being both incredibly unlikely and highly difficult.

Pool in and get suitable rewards. What an easy way to get passive earning!


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TL;DR Beldex

Being on the internet can be a dangerous business if not used vigilantly. The digital space is only growing bigger and bigger and so are its positive and negative aspects. The pros are great whereas the cons are highly malicious/malignant and can stand as problematic, especially when it comes to privacy-related aspects in making an online transaction, messaging or something as common as surfing the internet making it a risky affair.

We at Beldex are bringing forward to you a safety net of sorts in disguise of services through Blockchain technology. We help in making your time on the internet private and secure.

Part 1: Blockchain

Beldex is known for its privacy features and anonymous nature. Our privacy crypto coin works with Masternodes. Masternodes are complete nodes that contain the whole blockchain copy. Beldex masternodes are essentially validators who are compensated for their efforts and are rewarded accordingly.

Anyone can stake their Beldex to earn more of it!

Part 2: Our Apps

We are packed with decentralized applications which constitute our privacy ecosystem, thanks to our blockchain technology. Our list of astounding DApps include:

BChat is a decentralized private communication service. Your communications will be limited to the sender and the receiver.

BelNet is a VPN service that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. You may search for anything, anywhere, without worrying about your IP or location being monitored.

Beldex Browser is a browser that prioritizes privacy. It does not monitor or disclose your online activities and also aids in the removal of advertising.

Privacy Protocol for Beldex: It is a key component of the ecosystem, allowing transactions with other blockchains to stay secret.

Beldex Decentralized Wallets: A multi-platform decentralised wallet that works on the web, Android phones (iOS is coming soon), and Windows computers. 

Beldex Bridge is a cross-chain bridge that connects other bridges to swap currencies, allowing us to use our coin on a different blockchain. 

The main purpose of the Wallet Extension is to make it easier to use the Beldex wallet on decentralised sites.

Part 3: Our Users

Beldex users are ordinary individuals who are also the ones who drive us to reach our potential. All of us seek privacy. Privacy is extremely valuable, especially in this digital era that we all are living in. People are clamoring for it, and at times are ready to make sacrifices to get it. You wouldn’t have to make such sacrifices when joining with Beldex. Users will be able to use the applications without understanding anything about blockchain technology. 

Send a message. Surf the Internet anywhere and anytime. Make crypto transactions. Truly Privately.

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How does Beldex PoS pave the way to an eco-friendly environment?

A few years ago, cryptocurrency was seldom spoken about. However, cryptocurrency is currently rapidly gaining popularity and is being accepted and preached all over the world. Cryptocurrency is digital money that secures your transactions via the decentralized blockchain.

It is a secure and immutable ledger. No one can access our data or trace our transaction information. People use it for security measures in large numbers. As a result, numerous new currencies are entering the market. Every coin was worth something. These cryptocoins are widely accepted in many locations for payment and other reasons. As a result, it’s worth is progressively growing.

The coins mostly go with a proof of work (PoW) algorithm. But what is it that causes cryptocoins to prefer the PoS algorithm?

What is PoW and what makes it an issue?

In cryptocurrency, PoW works on a consensus algorithm. Cryptocurrencies commonly utilize this to validate new transactions. Miners have a significant part in proof of work. They solve complicated mathematical equations that can only be carried through by sophisticated computers to validate a transaction. When a new block is formed, a new mathematical equation is formed; the miners must solve in order to add the block to the chain by competing with other miners. Cryptocurrency is awarded to the miner who solves the equation.

PoW necessitates the installation of several nodes in order to avoid 51% of threats. As the network is used more, the energy consumption rises. Bitcoin mining

consumes about 0.5 percent of all worldwide electricity use. Think about alternative crypto mining processes as well. Millions of people from all over the world are involved in this mining process to validate transactions and earn free cryptocoins. It has a significant impact on the environment. Simultaneously, as time and usage go, the mathematical equation becomes more complicated, it increases consumption of more energy and slows down the transaction speed.

The cost of setting up the hardware requirements is quite high, since it necessitates the use of several separate hardware components. As the network’s size and popularity expand, so do the hardware needs also increase, and network capacity declines. It has harmful effects on the environment. To overcome these, Beldex is moving towards the PoS algorithm.

PoS is the way to go:

Beldex is changing from a PoW to a PoS algorithm. i.e., Proof of Stake. The masternode stakers will have the opportunity to validate a block. The preference goes to the stakers instead of miners. Even the hardware setup requirements are also less and consumption of electricity is not as much as PoW.

Every stakers will get a chance to validate the block. They need not to compete with each other because the process goes in an order, so the transactions are completed fast. For each validation, they will get rewards too. The hardware requirements stay constant as the network expands in size and acceptance. Hacking appears to be impossible because holding 51 percent of all coins is economically difficult.

PoS helps to reduce the energy level at large amounts and make it more eco-friendly to the environment. Think green and move to Beldex PoS.

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The Quintessential Principles of Beldex

Who are we?

In the heart and soul of Beldex lies the values we truly believe in. Beldex is a privacy coin with its very own private ecosystem. We, at Beldex, are highly driven individuals who understand why privacy is important and hence prioritize your privacy more than anything.

Since the debut of Beldex, the privacy coin in 2018, we’ve been working hard to improve people’s financial transactions all over the world. We’ve seldom stopped to put into words what drives us as an organization at our core as we’ve overcome difficulties, created new solutions, and slowly have expanded our community. We want to highlight the core beliefs that have moulded who we are today and how we seek to grow in the future as we reflect on 2021 and look ahead with an endless perspective. One thing has been constant over our three years of existence: our emphasis on you. What you – our users – want to achieve, what you require assistance with, and what you want to discuss. This motivates us to be the best at what we are designed to do.

What makes beldex truly unique? 

We follow certain values which prove our dedication to our users: 

Strategic: We think ahead of our times and have a clear vision as to what we want to achieve and make it a good experience for our users. Our best is yet to come.

User-oriented: Our world revolves around you and will always do. We strive to make your transactions easier, less time-consuming, and truly private.

Unlinkable and Untraceable: The main aspect which gives Beldex value is its privacy features and its very own ecosystem, which together, are a force to be reckoned with.

Infinite Mindset: We believe in overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and becoming the best version of ourselves. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our community grow and flourish.

What do we provide?

We present in front of you, a private ecosystem with decentralized applications which will help keep your privacy at various levels of digital usage:

  • For people who prefer texting or sending voice notes but are worried about their privacy, we have BChat, a messaging app that keeps your privacy intact.
  • A P2P VPN service called BelNet if you don’t want your location or IP address to be tracked while surfing online.
  • Our very own Beldex Browser, a privacy-based browser that will not share or track your activities online, which means, no annoying advertisements!
  • The Beldex privacy protocol makes it possible to keep transactions secret across multiple blockchains.
  • A decentralized multi-platform wallet that works on the web, Android phones (iOS coming soon), and Windows named Beldex Wallet.
  • Beldex Bridge acts as a cross-chain bridge that connects other bridges to transfer currencies, allowing us to use our crypto on another blockchain.
  • Our wallet extension‘s sole objective is to make it easier for you to utilize the Beldex wallet on decentralized networks.

Our commitment and principles are reflected in our users, who are at the core of everything. Please make use of our service and look forward to our future ventures.

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So how are phone numbers related to privacy concerns?

Phone numbers are a confidential source of information. Using your phone number might be threatening to your life. We can note that a lot of people complain about their phone number privacy. They get unwanted calls, messages, etc., from different persons or sites. It’s all due to the phone number that we shared on applications. One can easily get our phone number through lots of technology sources and use it for various purposes. 

It’s a significant issue, and phone numbers continue to be the major problem. Avoiding phone numbers is not an easy task because we need a phone number to sign-up for our messaging application account. So, we all need a messenger without phone numbers to sign-up to overcome all issues. 

BChat, best privacy messenger app:

Beldex develops a BChat, which is a privacy messenger app, where you can sign-up the account as anonymous. Yes, users do not need their phone number to create an account. They can communicate with others through the alpha-numeric code instead of phone numbers. This is the best part of BChat, other messaging apps won’t do this but we do. That’s why BChat is known as the best messenger app for privacy.

Let’s see why BChat gives an anonymous way of sign-up to the account without a phone number.

Phone numbers and it’s a hidden secret:

Have you ever considered what happens when we share our phone numbers with others? No. We just provide our phone number in its current form. This is where the issue originates. To overcome this fact, we need a crypto messenger for privacy. Nowadays, we rely heavily on phone numbers as a primary source of information. It is related to our daily lives. Whatever we do, it will be recorded. From our account information to areas we commonly visit. 

If someone wants to find out our information, they can easily hack our phone number and discover information about us without having to approach us. Sometimes, it may become a threat to our peaceful life. Even if we change our phone number, the comprehensive information about us will remain on it. Those who have access to our phone number will be able to obtain the backup of our source. Are you astounded? This is the greatest secret hidden behind the phone number, and we frequently change phone numbers and sign up for numerous messaging apps with our phone numbers without realizing the fact.

It’s unnecessary to share our phone numbers at all places in this digitalized world. We can find many issues related to phone numbers on applications. Tech-known people, hackers, or government officials can easily track our data for their purpose and use it. Our privacy lies in our hands, we can’t blame others for tasting our bitterness. We need crypto privacy messaging applications to cover this hidden secret. 

Leaving your phone numbers behind:

The privacy issues on the phone numbers are great problems to many, still many are searching for a way to neglect it. Phone numbers become a major source of communication but why should we pay our privacy as a charge to them? It’s time to change to a crypto privacy messenger without phone number.

Instead, with BChat, it is a privacy messenger without phone number requirement to sign-up. It can make you feel comfortable and secure. Without your phone number, no one can track or trace you. Your communications will be sent to the intended recipient without interruption from third parties.

Your privacy is the priority motto of BChat. Don’t compromise your privacy for others. We know your privacy value and we worked to secure yours as ours with a crypto privacy messenger app

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RSS Feed of Beldex (BDX) to be integrated with crypto.com

You may now get to read Beldex’s RSS news feed directly from Crypto.com’s Beldex (BDX) price page. Users of Crypto.com will be able to get up-to-date information on Beldex, a leading privacy cryptocurrency with its own private ecosystem.

Users of Crypto.com can stay up to date on the latest news and information about Beldex, its products, and services, as well as obtain the most up-to-date BDX price, trading volume, live charts, and market capitalization data.

Beldex- The privacy coin which boasts of its very own private ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, Beldex was created in such a way that it helps to maintain anonymity during the transaction and prioritizes your privacy which is a necessary feature when it comes to making digital transactions. To accomplish so, it employs the cryptonote privacy protocol.

Beldex is a privacy currency that uses techniques such as ring signatures, ring CT, and stealth addresses to disguise and protect the sender, receiver, and transaction amount being transmitted. It is decentralized, making money transfers untraceable and simple. It is nearly difficult to track user data.

It maintains the anonymity of your crypto transactions, preventing them from becoming a conventional bank transaction

About crypto.com:

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com has grown into a full-fledged and well-known international cryptocurrency hub in just a few short years. Its crypto ecosystem consists of the Crypto.com App, Crypto.com ExchangeCrypto.com DeFi WalletDeFi SwapCrypto.com Visa Cards, Crypto Earn, Crypto CreditPrice PageNFT marketplaceEthereum Gas Fees Tracker, and many other services. Crypto.com works with regulatory institutions all over the globe, and aims to bring you the most convenient way to buy, sell, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies. The Crypto.com App allows users to buy over 100 top cryptocurrencies at true cost, to earn high interest on their crypto, to manage their Crypto.com Visa Card, and to easily make crypto payments, along with many other rewarding features. The company’s Crypto.com DeFi Wallet is non-custodial, so users can have full control of their private keys.

Do look forward to Beldex’s price page for it’s latest news on crypto.com!!

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Is dVPN Safer Than a Standard VPN?

Internet usage has become a mandatory thing in our day-to-day life. As much as usage of the internet reduces as much of our privacy. This has been an increasing concern, as browser history and personal information are all in danger while using the internet.

Many people overlook the significance of internet privacy, but they should be conscious of how much information they’re disclosing – not only on social media but even when they’re just surfing. Internet privacy should be respected. So you conduct a private talk behind closed doors or merely provide your bank your financial information.

There are no cost-free things. It can be anything else, downloading applications, using Email service, or accessing social media, etc., we need to pay in the form of privacy data. Even accessing a website entails providing personal information. 

Why Centralized VPN isn’t safe to use?

People are growing increasingly worried about privacy problems. People’s online privacy is being compromised in a variety of ways. Cookies, transferring personal information, IP address hacking, JavaScript, location tracking, and other methods are used. As a result, centralized VPNs are utilized to solve these issues.

No IP address or location is shared with others via a centralized VPN. The data from the message will be saved in the tunnel. Have you ever considered that the VPN platform may be hacked or tracked? It will be simple for them to access your data and collect information if the organization is compromised or if any well-known tech person decides to follow our data.

In a traditional VPN, the rerouting of internet traffic is managed by a central provider. While most VPN companies promise not to track your data, there’s no way of knowing for sure if they’re selling it to third parties.

Because a conventional VPN is likewise closed source, there’s no way to know if it’s encrypting your traffic or if the provider has a backdoor and is sniffing your traffic. As a result, traditional VPNs are more likely to be hacked, and their logs may be traced.

How to utilize a dVPN?

A decentralized VPN improves connection security and has the potential to alter the way we use the internet. A decentralized VPN provides a safe internet connection through nodes of the blockchain. These nodes are compensated for delivering a safer network and maintaining their services. 

When the security features of both types of VPNs are compared, the dVPN comes out on top in terms of connection security, privacy, and anonymity. The dVPN is built around blockchain nodes. A blockchain is a collection of blocks that store data in hash functions with timestamps so that it cannot be altered or tampered with. 

Data is safeguarded by removing centralized places that are frequently the target of attackers. dVPN is not dependent on one server. Because each PC or machine functions as a node, it is nearly hard to exploit this form of architecture. To penetrate a specific dVPN, a cybercriminal would need to hack the whole network of PCs involved, which is far more difficult.

How does Belnet pave the way for it?

BelNet is the most effective dVPN network. People can install BelNet on their devices, and help to distinguish our IP addresses. In general, BelNet will communicate with the blockchain nodes. That is why BelNet is confident in its privacy. Whatever you go through on the internet by the BelNet app, your data will be sent to nodes and made as anonymous data.

The blockchain will encrypt data, and only the receiving side will be able to decode it. At the same time, blockchain VPN not only conceals our IP address but also masks your location. As a result, individuals may browse without hesitation.

So, if you’re still on the fence about utilizing a dVPN, simply know that a decentralized VPN is the superior option for regaining your online anonymity and protecting your right to privacy.

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BDX listed on Hotbit Exchange

Dear Beldians,

Your wait is over. We are pleased to inform you that we are listing on another major exchange platform, Hotbit. It is a well-known exchange preferred by many crypto users around the world. You can deposit, withdraw, and hodl BDX on the Hotbit exchange wallet.

Now, you can buy BDX on Hotbit exchange by using BTC, ETH, and USDT on the BDX/BTC, BDX/ETH, and BDX/USDT market.

You can start depositing BDX from 05-11-2021 at 07.00 AM UTC

Deposit BDX on Hotbit: https://www.hotbit.io/dw/deposit?symbol=BDX

Trade will be live on all the markets from 05-11-2021 at 09.00 AM UTC

BDX/USDT Market: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=BDX_USDT

BDX/BTC Market: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=BDX_BTC

BDX/ETH Market: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=BDX_ETH


About Hotbit exchange:

Hotbit is a reputed cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018 and has users worldwide. It is a global exchange with users from over 170+ countries. This trading platform is user-friendly and supports mobile trading.

The exchange has over 1000+ crypto coins listed on 1500+ trading pairs and 7 million active users. We believe that this listing will take Beldex into the next phase of growth.

At this moment, we would like to thank all our partners, developers, miners, stakers, supporters, and community members. We wish for your continued support. 

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BDX Listed on MEXC Exchange

Dear Beldians, 

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. We are happy to inform you that we are stepping into another major exchange platform, MEXC. It is the most familiar exchange chosen by many crypto users around the world. You can deposit, withdraw, and hodl BDX on the MEXC exchange wallet.

Now, you can buy BDX on MEXC exchange by using USDT on the BDX/USDT market. 

You can start depositing BDX from 21-10-2021 at 12 PM UTC.

Trade will be live on the BDX/USDT market from 22-10-2021 at 12 PM UTC.

You can start making BDX deposits here:  https://www.mexc.com/assets/deposit?currency=BDX

Deposit and trade BDX on MEXC to win from a prize pool of 70,000 BDX. Learn more about the trading competition here: https://support.mexc.com/hc/en-001/articles/4408150780185

About MEXC exchange:

MEXC is a famous cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018 and has millions of users worldwide. It is a globally used exchange with users from over 70+ countries. This trading platform is user-friendly and supports desktop and mobile trading.

The exchange has over 482+ crypto coins listed on 750+ trading pairs and 6 million active users. This is an exchange with low transaction fees of 0.20%. We believe that MEXC listing will take Beldex into the next stage of growth.

Upcoming Beldex milestones:

Since its launch, Beldex has been reaching its milestones with the support of the team, its partners and community.

And, on this occasion, we are glad to inform you of our future goals.

  • Launch of PoS Mainnet.
  • Expanding our partnerships.
  • Development of DApp Ecosystem. 
  • Increasing Coin Utility.

At this moment, we would like to thank all our partners, developers, miners, stakers, supporters, and community members. We wish for your continued support. 

But that’s not all, we’re going to be listed on another leading exchange very soon. 

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