Geometry Labs & Beldex Research Labs Announce Strategic Partnership to Scale the Beldex Network

Beldex is excited to announce a strategic partnership between Beldex Research Labs and Geometry Labs to scale and enhance the Beldex network.

Beldex Research Labs, the research wing of the Beldex project was established to implement core protocol enhancements nd add EVM compatibility to the network. This will in turn enable the development of privacy-preserving and shielded smart contracts.

The scalability trilemma: Networks today sacrifice scalability for security and decentralization or introduce vertical scaling, which leads to centralization, since the common man cannot afford to run a high-spec node. Thus, the three main constituents that Beldex wants to address while scaling the network are reducing the storage requirements, reducing the overall size of the blockchain by the use of enhanced cryptographic proof systems and improving the synchronization time of Beldex masternodes while maintaining decentralization through horizontal scaling.

Thus, the strategic partnership with Geometry labs is aimed at collaborating on joint research on scaling techniques and cryptographic protocol enhancements.

Geometry labs was established in 2021 as a decentralized finance and cryptography research and development lab. They specialize in DeFi products and tooling, blockchain infrastructure, analytics and observatories, and development of novel cryptographic mechanisms.

Beldex Research Labs will be advised by Dr. Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer, President and Chief Scientist at Geometry Labs. His personal research is focused on the intersection of data science and privacy engineering. He was previously a Monero Research Lab contributor.

“We’re excited to introduce cutting-edge privacy and scaling solutions by collaborating with the brightest minds in crypto and to extend the network to an EVM compatible chain“ Chairman of Beldex International, Afanddy Bin Hushni said.