How Beldex Contributes to Privacy on the Internet

     Usage of the internet is becoming a major need in our daily activities. It has become a boon to our life. The development of the internet is reaching new heights in recent years. Almost all of the people started to use it and even a kid knows how to access them. A coin has both sides likewise the internet has a boon and curse to life. 

It is not due to how we are using the internet, the fact is some features in-built on the applications. We can’t quit using it in our daily life too. If we are supposed to stop the usage of the internet, our daily routine will get interrupted. 

This blog will explain to you the issues that we are facing on the internet by its usage and how Beldex contributes its role on internet privacy issues.

Issues that we face on the centralized internet service: 

There are three major issues that we are facing on the internet. They are,

  • Spying on our daily activities.
  • Misuse of data.
  • Metadata tracking.


This is the most important issue that we are facing on the internet. The sad fact is most of us don’t know that we are being tracked daily by others. They can be bots, cookies, and other trackers, authorities, or tech-savvy hackers. Usually, they will record your details. They don’t miss any of your details, even a keystroke. Later on, they make a list of your records and share them with the big corporations for advertising purposes. 

On every social media application or any other centralized platform, you can see ads related to your search more frequently even when your need is over. They often snoop their nose on your privacy and track you like your shadow.  

Misuse of data:

We will usually store our name, address, phone number, mail id, and even password for easy access. Mostly to use e-commerce sites we will store personal details of us on it. And sometimes we share our details, passwords, etc., with our relatives and friends through social media. These messages won’t be encrypted. It will be easy for all to access your data. 

Some websites will ask you to accept the cookies to view more details on the site. By accepting the cookies, you are agreeing to collect your data without knowing the future issues. To run some websites, they need people’s data; by using our information they can access their sites in the name of us. 

Fraudulent activities will take place by accessing our personal information.

Metadata tracking:

During sharing our information from one to another our metadata will be also shared along with it. Once your metadata like location, IP address, time, etc., was shared anyone can watch you. Most people will use your metadata to know what you are doing, where are you, what are you looking for, what are you planning to do, etc., by knowing this data one can share your information with others for ad posting, fraudulent activity, or for any purpose too.

How do Beldex contribute their DApps to internet privacy?

These are the major issues happening on the internet without our knowledge. Why should we lose our privacy? To control these issues, Beldex is launching BelNet and Beldex Browser. It is completely safe to use and works on the decentralized blockchain.


BelNet is a DVPN network. It helps to mask your IP address and location. The data will be end-to-end encrypted. Other than the destination, no one can decrypt or modify them. The data will pass through the nodes of the Beldex blockchain. It works as a Vpn P2P service. 

Beldex browser:

Beldex browser is a private web browser. In this browser, no ads will follow you and users can feel secure while browsing. The cookies, javascript, metadata information, etc., will be blocked. No one can track your location, collect data, and share any ad-related content. Even the data will be stored in an encrypted form. So collecting information is impossible here. Beldex is the safest browser for privacy.

Beldex values your privacy the most. Feel free to browse whatever and wherever. Your privacy is our priority. 

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