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You may now get to read Beldex’s RSS news feed directly from’s Beldex (BDX) price page. Users of will be able to get up-to-date information on Beldex, a leading privacy cryptocurrency with its own private ecosystem.

Users of can stay up to date on the latest news and information about Beldex, its products, and services, as well as obtain the most up-to-date BDX price, trading volume, live charts, and market capitalization data.

Beldex- The privacy coin which boasts of its very own private ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, Beldex was created in such a way that it helps to maintain anonymity during the transaction and prioritizes your privacy which is a necessary feature when it comes to making digital transactions. To accomplish so, it employs the cryptonote privacy protocol.

Beldex is a privacy currency that uses techniques such as ring signatures, ring CT, and stealth addresses to disguise and protect the sender, receiver, and transaction amount being transmitted. It is decentralized, making money transfers untraceable and simple. It is nearly difficult to track user data.

It maintains the anonymity of your crypto transactions, preventing them from becoming a conventional bank transaction


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