The Quintessential Principles of Beldex

Who are we?

In the heart and soul of Beldex lies the values we truly believe in. Beldex is a privacy coin with its very own private ecosystem. We, at Beldex, are highly driven individuals who understand why privacy is important and hence prioritize your privacy more than anything.

Since the debut of Beldex, the privacy coin in 2018, we’ve been working hard to improve people’s financial transactions all over the world. We’ve seldom stopped to put into words what drives us as an organization at our core as we’ve overcome difficulties, created new solutions, and slowly have expanded our community. We want to highlight the core beliefs that have moulded who we are today and how we seek to grow in the future as we reflect on 2021 and look ahead with an endless perspective. One thing has been constant over our three years of existence: our emphasis on you. What you – our users – want to achieve, what you require assistance with, and what you want to discuss. This motivates us to be the best at what we are designed to do.

What makes beldex truly unique? 

We follow certain values which prove our dedication to our users: 

Strategic: We think ahead of our times and have a clear vision as to what we want to achieve and make it a good experience for our users. Our best is yet to come.

User-oriented: Our world revolves around you and will always do. We strive to make your transactions easier, less time-consuming, and truly private.

Unlinkable and Untraceable: The main aspect which gives Beldex value is its privacy features and its very own ecosystem, which together, are a force to be reckoned with.

Infinite Mindset: We believe in overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and becoming the best version of ourselves. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our community grow and flourish.

What do we provide?

We present in front of you, a private ecosystem with decentralized applications which will help keep your privacy at various levels of digital usage:

  • For people who prefer texting or sending voice notes but are worried about their privacy, we have BChat, a messaging app that keeps your privacy intact.
  • A P2P VPN service called BelNet if you don’t want your location or IP address to be tracked while surfing online.
  • Our very own Beldex Browser, a privacy-based browser that will not share or track your activities online, which means, no annoying advertisements!
  • The Beldex privacy protocol makes it possible to keep transactions secret across multiple blockchains.
  • A decentralized multi-platform wallet that works on the web, Android phones (iOS coming soon), and Windows named Beldex Wallet.
  • Beldex Bridge acts as a cross-chain bridge that connects other bridges to transfer currencies, allowing us to use our crypto on another blockchain.
  • Our wallet extension‘s sole objective is to make it easier for you to utilize the Beldex wallet on decentralized networks.

Our commitment and principles are reflected in our users, who are at the core of everything. Please make use of our service and look forward to our future ventures.

Join our community to know more about our recent developments. 

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