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Being on the internet can be a dangerous business if not used vigilantly. The digital space is only growing bigger and bigger and so are its positive and negative aspects. The pros are great whereas the cons are highly malicious/malignant and can stand as problematic, especially when it comes to privacy-related aspects in making an online transaction, messaging or something as common as surfing the internet making it a risky affair.

We at Beldex are bringing forward to you a safety net of sorts in disguise of services through Blockchain technology. We help in making your time on the internet private and secure.

Part 1: Blockchain

Beldex is known for its privacy features and anonymous nature. Our privacy crypto coin works with Masternodes. Masternodes are complete nodes that contain the whole blockchain copy. Beldex masternodes are essentially validators who are compensated for their efforts and are rewarded accordingly.

Anyone can stake their Beldex to earn more of it!

Part 2: Our Apps

We are packed with decentralized applications which constitute our privacy ecosystem, thanks to our blockchain technology. Our list of astounding DApps include:

BChat is a decentralized private communication service. Your communications will be limited to the sender and the receiver.

BelNet is a VPN service that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. You may search for anything, anywhere, without worrying about your IP or location being monitored.

Beldex Browser is a browser that prioritizes privacy. It does not monitor or disclose your online activities and also aids in the removal of advertising.

Privacy Protocol for Beldex: It is a key component of the ecosystem, allowing transactions with other blockchains to stay secret.

Beldex Decentralized Wallets: A multi-platform decentralised wallet that works on the web, Android phones (iOS is coming soon), and Windows computers. 

Beldex Bridge is a cross-chain bridge that connects other bridges to swap currencies, allowing us to use our coin on a different blockchain. 

The main purpose of the Wallet Extension is to make it easier to use the Beldex wallet on decentralised sites.

Part 3: Our Users

Beldex users are ordinary individuals who are also the ones who drive us to reach our potential. All of us seek privacy. Privacy is extremely valuable, especially in this digital era that we all are living in. People are clamoring for it, and at times are ready to make sacrifices to get it. You wouldn’t have to make such sacrifices when joining with Beldex. Users will be able to use the applications without understanding anything about blockchain technology. 

Send a message. Surf the Internet anywhere and anytime. Make crypto transactions. Truly Privately.

Join our community to know more about our recent developments. 

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