What is Flash?

Crypto transactions are increasing by the day as more and more people become aware of it. Security, privacy, decentralization and the increasing cryptocurrency prices are what drive this adoption. Though blockchain transactions offer high levels of privacy and security, one major concurrent issue is the longer transaction time and skyrocketing fees. Currently, on the Ethereum network, your transaction can take a few minutes upto an hour to be processed. If you opt to pay a higher fee, you can get it processed sooner. This inturn drives up the fees. There were instances where transactional fees shot up to almost $60-$100 in USD. Cryptocurrency transactions usually take a few minutes. They are unable to compete with centralized payment processors. Thus their real-world applications become limited. People want fast crypto transactions. To overcome these issues, we are glad to develop Beldex instant transaction flash for the transaction of Beldex coins. Your wait is over. Go with our flash instant transaction to save your time and money at the same time, it also increases anonymity, transaction security, and scalability too.

How does flash work?

Generally, transactions of Beldex coins will take place for a long-time. John wants to send 100 BDX from his wallet to Harry. First, the BDX amount will pass to the anonymous transaction pool. From there the miners will approve John’s transaction with a group of some other transaction amount. This process will last for a few minutes. Then the new block is created and added to the BDX blockchain network. At last, Harry will receive 100 BDX in his wallet from John. This is how a normal transaction goes on. The cryptocoins transaction takes place in a few minutes but when compared to VISA cards, PayPal, etc., these kinds of card transactions will complete within a blink of an eye. Everyone expects the flash mode of transaction.

How does flash works

So here comes our flash. When John tries to send Harry 100 BDX from his wallet, the second layer transaction is created. John’s transaction will send to randomly selected Beldex masternodes instead of sending it to the anonymous transaction pool. This second layer of the transaction is free to check the particular transaction and complete it in a flash of a second as the name suggests. It checks whether the transaction is valid or not. After the approval, John’s 100 BDX will transfer to Harry’s wallet. Then the flash transaction will create a key for this transaction and this key will be sent to the pool to create a blockchain second layer transaction and it will be added to the Beldex blockchain. 

cryptocurrency instant transaction

Advantages of using it:

  • Can make transactions at once.
  • Transaction fees are reduced.
  • Scalability value is increased.
  • Security is higher than normal transactions.
  • The anonymity value of coins is increased.

Will it be helpful?

Yes, the Beldex flash is mainly designed for the instant transaction of Beldex coins in a fraction of seconds. Everything takes place in an instant time in this digital world then why should you spend your time on a long-time transaction? “Time and Tide wait for none”. To make your transaction at ease, our flash instant transaction technology helps a lot. We know the value of every penny, so we help you to save your money economically. Join us and save your time and money as a treasure. 

Fed up with the long-time transactions. No worries at all. Here is the flash instant transaction to make your transaction in a flash of seconds. Then what’s next. Go with flash.

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