What is the Beldex Browser?

     Nowadays, people depend on Google, Bing, Edge, Firefox, and similar applications to easily browse the internet. Without these applications, the internet becomes a far fetched idea. Do you know that the browser you’re using may not be safe? There are many hackers that exploit the vulnerabilities in the browser you’re using to spoof and spam you. Like a shadow, they track your every move. In 2020, Google had found over 500 malicious chrome extensions that were stealing people’s information and selling them on the darknet. Though Google subsequently recognized and removed them from their marketplace, how many of these extensions can be removed? The moment they remove one, another two pop-up. Without a long-term change in their policy to privacy and security,  these malicious actors will use another way to track our day-to-day activities. 

To overcome this, Beldex introduces a private web browser. There are several browsers out there, but they all are either centralized or are based on poorly found decentralization. Then, how does one find the best web browser for privacy? Fret not, with the Beldex Browser you can securely and privately browse the internet. Privacy and security are not additions, but innate components of the Beldex private internet browser.

Why do we need it?

Without a private web browser, people who browse the internet are inadvertently paying the price of privacy. In this digital age, it is not entirely possible to stop using the internet altogether. The world has been digitized so much that we need the internet for even menial tasks. From buying groceries to landing your next job, everything can be done online. When the world is moving towards complete digital transformation, we cannot be heading the other way. At the same time, we can’t sell our privacy by allowing others to track our everyday activities. So, what exactly can be a long-lasting solution to the problem of data privacy? Why should we let others direct our lives? Have you ever thought, how peaceful and transformative it would be if there were no ads following you around on the internet? These issues occur due to centralized browsers making money with your data. 

The solution to this problem is the Beldex browser, the best private browser for internet browsing. With the Beldex browser, you can truly feel the freedom of private browsing. You needn’t worry one bit, as it is virtually impossible to hack into a decentralized blockchain based browser. So, your personal information is always secure. 

Advantages of using Beldex browser:

  • Javascript is blocked.
  • Cookies are blocked.
  • Your IP address is masked.
  • Your IP address location is masked.
  • Ads are blocked.
  • No metadata information is collected or shared.
  • In-built dVPN service is provided.
  • Can access blocked sites.

How does the Beldex browser work?

The Beldex private web browser is a decentralized application on the Beldex network. In a decentralized platform such as this, everything is secured by the underlying blockchain. 

First, people need to install the Beldex browser on their computer or mobile device. Later, you can customize your needs. Yes, we respect your privacy; so you know what you need and don’t. According to that, you can alter the settings. Other than this, some benefits will be built default in the browser. So it will secure your data. 

When you search on the Beldex browser, the information will pass through the decentralized blockchain of the Beldex network. This information is end-to-end encrypted. So there will be no trackers or cookies that can track your information or metadata on the Beldex private web browser. 

Users can access all sites with secure by dVPN service and no ads will follow you because it is blocked by default. You can privately browse whatever you want. No one can check or track your business.

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