What is the Beldex Private Ecosystem?

     The Beldex Private Ecosystem consists of a suite of decentralized applications that include BChat, BelNet, Beldex browser, Beldex privacy protocol, Beldex decentralized wallets, the Beldex bridge and the Beldex wallet extensions. 


BChat is a decentralized, encrypted, private messaging app that securely sends your messages over the Beldex network. You can securely send and receive messages over BChat. 

How does it transmit your messages privately? 

It doesn’t require your identity. BChat is a decentralized application that runs on the Beldex blockchain. It doesn’t ask for your name, email address, or phone number. You can create an account with just a single click. 

Public key: The only way for others to connect with you is with your public key, which is a string of random alphanumeric characters.

Private key: This is your Mnemonic key aka seed phrase used to login or recover your account on another device. Write it down on paper and keep it safe. 

On the BChat encrypted messaging app, your messages are end-to-end encrypted. Suppose the sender sends the message, ‘Hello Tom, how are you doing?’ to his friend. To a third party or even to the Beldex masternodes that relays the message, it would look something like this: 


Not legible right? That’s exactly what BChat secure messaging app does to your messages in transit. The only person who can decrypt the message is the receiver. 

Does it store your messages?

Yes. It does store the encrypted form of your message. But not in just one specific place such as a centralized data centre. They’re stored on decentralized servers distributed across several geo-locations. Since the messages are cryptographically protected, they cannot be altered, modified, tampered with, or deleted. Thus, completely secure messaging is possible with BChat. 


Have you ever wondered what’d happen if a centralized VPN were to be hacked? Think about it. 

When you’re visiting a site that’s blocked at your geographic location, you’d normally use a VPN to bypass the restriction. Your device’s IP address is masked by the VPN and the website you’re trying to visit sees a different IP address (location). So, you’re granted access to the otherwise restricted website.

However, the VPN itself does know your original IP and location. Centralized VPNs store the data about the source of the traffic, and though they may not share it with a third party, what’s to prevent them from being hacked? Because of their architecture, centralized VPNs are just as vulnerable as other centralized systems. Besides, if an authority wants to shut down your favourite VPN service and confiscate the data they hold, what’s to prevent that from happening? 

With BelNet, this doesn’t happen. BelNet is a decentralized P2P VPN service supported by the Beldex blockchain. It is a secure and censorship-resistant blockchain based VPN. No matter where you are, you can browse anonymously without compromising your IP or location. 

A dVPN network such as the BelNet decentralizes the data about the traffic source, and so it is virtually impossible to hack into. A network is only as strong as its level of decentralization. Since BelNet is supported by nodes and masternodes spread across the globe, it is one of the best dVPN out there. 

Beldex Browser 

When buying a car or renting a house, most people would search on Google for the best brands and pricing. Then, they’d choose a brand, buy it, and be done with their purchase. Right?

But that’s not usually the case. When you access search engines like Google, Bing, or other web applications, they usually collect bits of information from you – which may range from what you searched for to what brand you chose. 

Based on your preferences, they display targeted ads that follow you around on the internet, long after you’ve made your purchase. These ads are sometimes bothersome as they blur the boundaries between what’s acceptable and what’s not. You wouldn’t want ads about your search to pop up on every other site you visit, especially on social media like Facebook or messenger where your prime interest would be to connect with your friends. 

We’ve got the perfect solution for this problem  – the Beldex private web browser. The Beldex browser is a privacy-based browser that doesn’t share or track your online activity – the things you search for, the websites you visit, or the purchases you make. 

Beldex Privacy Protocol 

Transactional privacy is the foundation of the Beldex private ecosystem. Oftentimes, that gets confined to transactions made with privacy coins. But what if there was a way to transact with privacy, no matter what crypto you hold? That’s what the Beldex privacy protocol aims for. 

The Beldex privacy protocol is an ambitious and keystone product of the Beldex Private Ecosystem. It widens the scope of privacy-based transactions to other blockchains by anonymizing transactions made with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, etc. It uses three key mechanisms to achieve this:  Mint, Transfer, and Redeem tokens. 

Mint: Your burn tokens from the original chain for equivalent privacy tokens on the Beldex chain.

Transfer: Transfer privacy tokens from one wallet to another. 

Redeem: Burn the corresponding privacy tokens on the Beldex chain to redeem original tokens. 

Beldex Decentralized Wallets 

The Beldex wallet is a cross-platform decentralized wallet for the web, mobile, and desktop. You can hodl, send or receive BDX with ease using these wallets. 

Web Wallet 

The Beldex web wallet is a decentralized wallet that lets you hold, send, and receive BDX. There are two versions of the web wallet. The V1 wallet offers to transact with integrated addresses while the V2 wallet has additional features such as saving your contacts. 

Version 1 | Version 2 

Android Wallet 

Transacting with mobile phones is now the norm in today’s fast-paced world. Thus, we’ve introduced the Beldex mobile wallet for android so you can send and receive BDX on the go. The crypto wallet app will be released on the iOS mobile market soon. 

Download the Beldex wallet for Android mobiles

Electron Desktop Wallet 

In addition to sending, receiving and holding BDX, you can set up and connect your dedicated masternode to the Electron desktop wallet, the best crypto wallet to stake BDX and receive rewards. You can also stake BDX on remote masternodes and share the staking collateral with other users. 

Download the electron wallet for Linux (Deb)

Download the electron wallet for Linux (App Image)

Download the electron wallet for Windows

Beldex Bridge 

Blockchain interoperability is one of the major concerns in today’s blockchain world. When blockchains are able to interoperate (communicate with each other), their potential is increased manifold. 

For example, a decentralized Coinmarketcap is possible only when the underlying blockchain can connect with and query other blockchains to aggregate data about them. To put it simply, with interoperable blockchains, the possibilities are endless. 

Beldex is enabling inter blockchain operability by connecting with other decentralized ecosystems such as the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polkadot. Users can swap BDX for wrapped BDX and leverage the DApps on these chains. 

Swap BDX for wBDX on the Beldex-Binance Smart Chain Bridge. The ease of use of this platform makes it the best blockchain bridge to quickly swap BDX for wrapped BDX tokens. 

Beldex-Ethereum Bridge: Coming soon

Beldex-Polkadot Bridge: Coming soon

Wallet Extension

The Beldex wallet extension makes it easier for you to use the Beldex wallet on decentralized platforms. Today, Google Chrome extensions exist for every other crypto wallet. The Beldex wallet’s Chrome extension will be compatible with the Chrome browser. 

To make this product multi-platform and to provide additional options to our users, the Beldex wallet will also be available as a Firefox extension. Thus, in addition to Chrome, Beldex wallet is accessible on the Firefox browser. 

Privacy is our priority. As we move along, we may add more privacy-preserving decentralized applications to the suite of products that make up the Beldex private ecosystemIt’s time to reclaim your privacy.

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