Beldex Masternodes

The Beldex network is powered by Beldex masternodes. Host your BDX masternodes to earn passive rewards.


A Masternode

Beldex masternodes help the network remain fast, scalable, secure and decentralized

Secure the Network

Community participation is key to Beldex. Set up a BDX masternode and help secure the network.

Get Passive Rewards

Get passive rewards for your contribution to the network. BDX rewards can be claimed daily, weekly, and monthly.

Scalable DApps

The more masternodes there are, the more scalable the network is. You help us build scalable DApps on top of Beldex chain.

Masternodes Online

Locked in Masternodes

Minimum Lockup

30 days (86400 Blocks)

Calculate your BDX Rewards

BDX rewards are shared by the masternode on the network. To ensure that all masternodes are rewarded,each masternode is incentivized based on a reward queue. Enter the number of masternodes on the network to check your BDX masternode rewards

Currently Running on Beldex Network

Daily Rewards


Weekly Rewards


Monthly Rewards


Annual Rewards


Masternode Requirements

Beldex masternodes help the network remain fast, scalable, secure and decentralized


10000 BDX


Dedicated IP


24h Uptime


Remote Hosting

Host your BDX masternode effortlessly with our masternode partners

Simple and easy to your shared masternode pool staking.

Shared masternode pool with extensive analytics on reward data.


Masternode cold staking platform. Your funds are always with you.


Simplified masternode hosting solution. Stake any % of the collateral and receive proportionate rewards.


A non-custodial, simple, and easy to use masternode hosting platform by a Beldex community member

Masternode Setup Guide

You can set up a dedicated masternode by following the guide below

Now you can easily Monitor your beldex Masternode anytime

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Frequently Asked Questions

BDX masternodes are nodes that help scale and secure the Beldex network. They possess validation rights within the network and are incentivized for their contributions

The minimum staking collateral is 10000 BDX to set up a self-hosted masternode or a cold masternode hosting on Nodehub. However, with shared masternode pools like MyCointainer, you can stake any amount.

Masternode collateral is locked for a minimum of 30 days, that is the time required to generate 86400 blocks.

Block rewards are shared by the masternodes in the network. Beldex follows a reward queue based on the first in first out mechanism to ensure that every masternode in the network is fairly rewarded. If your masternode was recently rewarded, then it will end up at the bottom of the reward queue and wait its turn for the next reward cycle.

BDX masternodes are a great way to participate in the Beldex network and get passive rewards at the same time. Current block rewards are 10 BDX per block. 62.5% of the block rewards are allocated to the masternode operators while 37.5% are allocated to governance.

Spec Note
Latest Binary Bucephalus v4.1.0
Software Ubuntu 18.04
Storage 30-50 GB
Ram 2-4 GB
CPU 1 Core