Host Your Beldex Masternode on Higlan, Pay with BDX

Higlan is a masternode hosting platform where you can host a Beldex masternode for a nominal fee.

It is quick and easy to set up and you can pay using BDX!

Higlan is a cold masternode hosting platform, which means you can host a Beldex masternode without actually depositing the collateral onto the platform.

All you need to do is create an account, add some BDX balance to cover the fee, add a node by submitting your wallet address…


KuCoin Lists Beldex Coin (BDX)

Ever since the launch of the Beldex network, we have been working hard to build and expand the Beldex community.

We have been steady in building the Beldex project over the years. Beldex may have been just an idea at first, but now it is a privacy enhanced ecosystem with dApps like BChat and BelNet.

We’re now stepping into a new epoch in our journey. We are excited to announce that the Beldex coin (BDX) will be listed on the tier 1 exchange KuCoin…

Announcing the Beldex Learn & Earn Quiz Program

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get paid for learning?

The Beldex learn and earn program is just that. We’ve been building for quite a while with the support of our community. However, privacy networks are not dime a dozen.

Thus, we decided to educate the wider crypto community on the importance of privacy and our role in building a private ecosystem of dApps that helps people protect their privacy in their everyday lives.

BelNet Exit Node Setup Terms & Rewards Update

Dear Exit Node Operators,

In light of our learnings in the past few days, we have decided to limit the number of exit nodes a person can set up and choose a select few exit nodes to be added to the BelNet mobile app.

Certain exit nodes, though they claim 1 Gbps bandwidth, turn up less than 10 Mbps or 1 Mbps in speedtest results. We infer that this is due to the following reasons,

  • Certain VPS may be used for purposes other than BelNet exit
  • Shared VPS…

Host Your First MNApp on BelNet

MNApps are private applications hosted on BelNet. There are applications that are hosted with the help of a BelNet address (a .bdx address) or a BNS domain.

MNApps can be accessed only on BelNet. They provide you with the underlying security and privacy of BelNet. And since they are hosted on BelNet, you can access them anonymously.

Below is an example of an MNApp that you can access by connecting to BelNet:


BNS on BelNet: The Beldex Name Service Domains

The Internet Phonebook: DNS

DNS is the universal Domain Name System that provides a naming convention for devices and applications on the Internet. The DNS is coordinated and managed by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN.

DNS makes it possible for machine readable IP addresses to be assigned human readable domain names. Without the DNS, you would have to remember the IP address of your favourite websites…

Cryptwerk Listing: Discover Businesses that Accept BDX

Cryptwerk is an online directory of online and offline companies, businesses, stores, and services where you can pay with BDX. Here, you’ll be able to find the merchants and businesses that accept BDX for their products and services. The directory lists over 1300 merchants and stores accepting crypto.

Why Does BDX Need Real World Use Cases?

The Beldex coin (BDX) will be a utility on BChat, BelNet, Beldex Browser, and…

Why Should You Set Up A BelNet Exit Node 🤔

BelNet is an onion routing protocol based decentralized VPN service. The BelNet onion router leverages the Beldex decentralized network to route your requests.

However, unlike other onion routers, BelNet uses an enhanced low latency anonymous routing protocol.

You can anonymously browse the clearnet, send messages, stream videos, upload and download content, unblock geo-restricted content, and securely host decentralized applications.


BDX is Listed on LetsExchange, a KYC-free Swap

BDX is listed on a KYC-free, registration-free instant swap platform. Now, you can anonymously swap BTC, ETH, USDT, and hundreds of other coins and tokens for $BDX.

Where can you swap BDX?

You can swap other digital currencies for $BDX on the following platforms,

  • You can swap BDX on LetsExchange
  • You can also swap BDX directly on the…

5 Reasons to Set Up A Beldex Masternode

Masternodes are full nodes that hold the entire record of the blockchain. Masternodes are the foundation of the Beldex blockchain that help validate transactions, send messages via BChat and route your connection through BelNet.

The greater the number of masternodes, the more secure the network. Masternodes help verify new blocks and play an important role in blockchain governance.


Are Peer to Peer Subscriptions the New Web3 Business Model?

There is a price for everything. But what about the Internet? Sure, you pay your Internet Service Provider a few sats a month for an internet connection.

But, how can that be enough to pay for the hundreds of thousands of websites that are out there and the ones that you visit on a daily basis? Shouldn’t there be an entry-pass for each website that lets you through only after a.. Subscription?


Beldex Tokenomics Update

It’s time for an update on tokenomics and the coins released during the first three quarters of 2022. This is in fact overdue and we would like our community to be updated on the current status of BDX allocated for ecosystem development and other purposes.

The total supply (excluding the coins that are minted as rewards for validators since POS went live on Dec 10, 2021) is classified into eight different categories and allotted to various multisig wallets.

Why Choose a Decentralized VPN?

VPNs around the world are either censored or hacked. So, how can users secure their connection and mask their IP address? Using Censorship-resistant decentralized VPNs like BelNet can help.

VPNs are considered the key to unlocking websites and hiding your internet activity from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cellular Network Providers, hackers and even the Government…

How fast is BelNet ?

Slow internet makes us go crazy. Nobody wants to buffer audios and videos all day long. Well, for one, it is not the 90s or the 2000s anymore and two, there are much better and reliable broadband networks now than before. But, is this the case with P2P VPNs and onion routers too? How fast are the networks that anonymize your internet traffic? 

Most people would agree of having a subpar experience of using onion routers based VPNs. That’s because these VPNs use archaic routing protocols and depend on…


BelNet: Gateway to Global Access

You’ve probably heard of VPNs and how they help you anonymously surf the internet and unblock websites that are restricted to certain geographic locations.

But what’s a dVPN and how does it help you stay truly anonymous? Does it reduce data costs or increase the speed of your connection?

Well, not quite. But it’s cool. So hear us out.

BChat: A Smart Choice

Last week, we discussed issues on centralized messaging platforms and why we need BChat. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the BChat Private messaging app and its benefits. It helps to recognize how BChat differs from a centralized messenger and why you should use it. Privacy is a basic concern in everyone’s life, so to secure it with utmost privacy, Beldex BChat is here…

How does the digital era impact people's lives?

Here we are going to talk about centralized vs decentralized privacy messenger. Technology has been growing in an unimaginable way. No one has ever imagined the growth of the digital world will reflect on our daily life as a part. Only a few people started to use it for official usage in the past. Later on, day-by-day many get involved in it actively in the technological era and during this pandemic situation…

How does Beldex PoS pave the way to an eco-friendly environment?

A few years ago, cryptocurrency was seldom spoken about. However, cryptocurrency is currently rapidly gaining popularity and is being accepted and preached all over the world. Cryptocurrency is digital money that secures your transactions via the decentralized blockchain. It is a secure and immutable ledger. No one can access our data or trace our transaction information…


What are zk-SNARKS?

Beldex is currently using the cryptonote privacy protocol with PoS consensus algorithm to validate transactions. Now, we are planning to upgrade to the next level to increase the transaction speed. This implementation not only increases the transaction speed but also gives more privacy to the transaction.

Here we can see what Beldex is going to do. 


How Beldex Contributes to Privacy on the Internet?

Usage of the internet is becoming a major need in our daily activities. It has become a boon to our life. The development of the internet is reaching new heights in recent years. Almost all of the people started to use it and even a kid knows how to access them…

So how are phone numbers related to privacy concerns?

Phone numbers are a confidential source of information. Using your phone number might be threatening to your life. We can note that a lot of people complain about their phone number privacy. They get unwanted calls, messages, etc., from different persons or sites.

Building a Standard for Private Communications

Centralized messaging platforms use a model that requires you to trust them. There are many shortcomings to a centralized communications platform. Here in detail, we can see how the BChat private messenger built on the Beldex chain makes a better choice for your privacy.  

At present, we are facing lots of privacy issues on the internet…


Is dVPN Safer Than a Standard VPN?

Internet usage has become a mandatory thing in our day-to-day life. As much as usage of the internet reduces as much of our privacy. This has been an increasing concern, as browser history and personal information are all in danger while using the internet. Many people overlook the significance of internet privacy….

The Quintessential Principles of Beldex:

In the heart and soul of Beldex lies the values we truly believe in. Beldex is a privacy coin with its very own private ecosystem. We, at Beldex, are highly driven individuals who understand why privacy is important and hence prioritize your privacy more than anything. Since the debut of Beldex, the privacy coin in 2018, we’ve been working hard to improve people’s financial transactions

TL;DR Beldex

Being on the internet can be a dangerous business if not used vigilantly. The digital space is only growing bigger and bigger and so are its positive and negative aspects. The pros are great whereas the cons are highly malicious/malignant and can stand as problematic, especially when it comes to privacy-related aspects in making an online transaction, messaging or something as common as surfing the internet making it a risky affair.


Masternode Pools and their Benefits

Operating a masternode is an excellent and easy way to generate passive revenue from cryptocurrencies. It can be done through staking a particular cryptocurrency, only then will one be able to get the said incentive.

Beldex the best privacy coin!

Few years ago, cryptocurrency was being looked down upon by the corporate world. But now, cryptocurrency is steadily gaining popularity all over the world, and is being welcomed and espoused…

What is Flash?

Crypto transactions are increasing by the day as more and more people become aware of them. Security, privacy, decentralization and the increasing cryptocurrency prices are what drive this adoption. Though blockchain transactions offer high levels of privacy and security, one major concurrent issue is the longer transaction time and skyrocketing fees. 

What is Beldex Bridge?

We are all moving into the digitized platform as the result of technology. On this digitized platform, privacy and security are more than the paperized work. Day by day, technology is facing tremendous changes. One side, on a centralized platform we are losing…

What is Beldex Decentralized Wallet?

Have you ever heard about cryptocurrency? Yes, ofcourse, who is not aware of cryptocurrency at present. Recently it is becoming more popular among the people. Cryptocurrency is nothing but digital money which can be used to purchase goods and can use other purposes too.


What is Beldex Privacy Protocol?

 In this technological world all things are worked under digitalization. One among these is cryptocurrency. Wherever we go, some group of people are starting to discuss cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency become the hottest trending topic…

What is Beldex Browser?

Nowadays, people depend on Google, Bing, Edge, Firefox, and similar applications to easily browse the internet. Without these applications, the internet becomes a far fetched idea. Do you know that the browser you’re using may not be safe? There are many hackers that exploit the vulnerabilities…


What Is BelNet?

Do you know for certain that your connection to the internet is safe? Guess what, more often than not, it may not be as safe as you think it is. Your activities may be monitored and you may not even be aware of it. That’s the biggest challenge concerning privacy and security…

What is BChat?

BChat is a private messaging application used for the purpose of secure communication. Privacy is everyone’s basic right; we can’t categorize people into those that need privacy and those that don’t. Why should others peer into our business? Would you accept constant monitoring? Of course not. Everyone needs privacy.

What is a Private Messaging App?

Yes, we can use centralized messaging apps to share our messages with our friends. And many people feel safe using them, but is that really the case? Don’t we always think twice before sending an official document to someone?  Whether it is safe or will someone else track our messages…


What is Beldex Private Ecosystem?

 The Beldex Private Ecosystem consists of a suite of decentralized applications that include BChat, BelNet, Beldex browser, Beldex privacy protocol, Beldex decentralized wallets, the Beldex bridge and the Beldex wallet extension.

Beldex: What's Next?

Awareness and adoption of digital currencies are increasing by the day. Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies has risen tremendously this year as several publicly traded companies, institutions, MSMEs, and even startups have accepted and acknowledged the potential of crypto…

What are DApps?

In centralized apps, your data is under the control of the companies that run and maintain these platforms. Since they’re centralized, they possess the risk of a central point of failure when under attack. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data leak is a prime example of…

How to Earn from Masternodes?

Masternodes are the evolution of nodes in a blockchain network. A masternode is simply a node that has certain additional responsibilities. Thus, to know about Masternodes, we must know about nodes, light nodes, and full nodes. Nodes validate transactions in a…


Beldex (BDX) P2PB2B Listing Announcement

Beldex (BDX) is now listed on the P2PB2B exchange. 

The listing is live and BDX is now tradable on 2 trading pairs namely the BDX/USDT and BDX/BTC pairs.

P2PB2B is an exchange which has been on the crypto market for over 5 years and has successfully launched several projects on its launchpad.


Geometry Labs & Beldex Research Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

Beldex is excited to announce a strategic partnership between Beldex Research Labs and Geometry Labs to scale and enhance the Beldex network.

Объявление о листинге Beldex Gate и раздаче стартапов

Мы достигли важного перекрестка на нашем пути. Это то, чего вы ждали с тех пор, как мы начали это путешествие. Но это делает ожидание тем более стоящим…

Announcing Beldex Gate Listing & Start Up Airdrop

We’ve reached an important juncture in our path. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, since we began this journey. But that makes the wait all the more worth it.
The long-standing dream of the Beldex community will be realized shortly: Tier 1 exchange listing.

MEXC exchange listing:

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. We are happy to inform you that we are stepping into another major exchange platform, MEXC. It is the most familiar exchange chosen by many crypto users around the world. You can deposit, withdraw, and hodl BDX on

Coinsbit exchange listing: INR Pair

Dear Beldians, 

Your long-awaited wish has now been granted. At this moment, we are happy to announce a new trading pair, the BDX/INR. We know it’s a long-term goal of our community members and now we are glad to fulfill it. You can deposit, withdraw, and HODL BDX on the Coinsbit exchange wallet.

Now, you can buy BDX on the Coinsbit exchange by using INR on the BDX/INR market.


Coinsbit exchange listing:

Dear Beldians, 

Great news for Beldians. BDX is listing on another top crypto exchange Coinsbit. Coinsbit is an easily accessible exchange widely used by many crypto users from all around the world. You can deposit, withdraw, and HODL BDX on the Coinsbit exchange wallet.

Now, you can buy BDX on the Coinsbit exchange by using USDT, BTC, and ETH on the BDX/USDT, BDX/BTC, and BDX/ETH markets.


HitBTC exchange listing:

Your wait is over. We are stepping into another major exchange platform, HitBTC. It is another great news in recent days from Beldex. HitBTC is a user-friendly exchange picked by many crypto users from all around the world.

Beldex (BDX) Listed on Hotbit Exchange

Your wait is over. We are pleased to inform you that we are listing on another major exchange platform, Hotbit. It is a well-known exchange preferred by many crypto users around the world. You can deposit, withdraw, and hodl BDX on the Hotbit exchange wallet.

RSS Feed of Beldex to be assimilated with price page

You may now get to read Beldex’s RSS news feed directly from’s Beldex (BDX) price page. Users of will be able to get up-to-date information on Beldex, a leading privacy cryptocurrency with its own private ecosystem.


What is Proof of Stake (POS)

The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism was created by Sunny King and Scott Nadal in 2012. The second most popular cryptocurrency ‘Ethereum’ is attempting to provide a hard-fork from updating…

What is Proof of Work (POW)

Proof of work consensus algorithm was first published in 1993. Later, it was implemented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 in Bitcoin. In this consensus mechanism, the ones that intend to create a new block…

What are Privacy Coins and why you need them

Privacy coins are simply coins that let you transact privately. Peer-to-peer transactions (transactions without an intermediary) are not always private. Blockchain transactions had a connotation of being anonymous. But is that always true?

Beldex (BDX) Listed On Masternodes Online

We are pleased to announce that we are listed with the data provider Masternodes Online:

Masternodes online is a comprehensive masternode data provider. You can now check the Beldex…

Beldex (BDX) Listed on Masternode Buzz:

Warm Greetings from Beldex. We are glad to inform you that we have stepped into Masternode Buzz: Masternode buzz is an out-and-out data provider about masternodes. Users can check about active masternodes, rewards, staking coins, coin price, etc., as up to date. Now, this information is at your fingertip. No need to visit various sites in your busy schedule.